What is Embodiment Coaching ?

Embodiment Coaching draws inspiration from both Somatic Psychology and BodyMind Therapy practices. Embodiment Coaching approaches the body and mind as equals. By engaging with both the mind and the body we begin to notice and allow our emotional and physical sensations to present themselves in a deeper, more integrated way. Through this process, we are looking to shift the awareness from cognitive thoughts to what is being somatically experienced throughout the body. 

As a coach, I am there to support you and co-create consent driven and intention based practices with you. These practices often involve breath, movement, talking, intention setting, touch, sound and mindful awareness exercises. Session can manifest as meditation, dance, or it can look like all of these things or none of these things. 


Embodiment comes with practice and grows with time by setting mindful intentions. This work is accessible to anyone who is curious by it. 


Sessions generally run 60 - 90 mins.

*Sessions are currently being offered over ZOOM* 


  • Act as an Ombudsperson (A third party person to provide a safe, confidential space for concerns outside of a formal organization. They can can help you identify strategies for resolution) 

  • Facilitate Check-Ins before and or after rehearsal that can ground performers, regulate the nervous system or sequence through their body something that happened in or outside of rehearsal that might be stopping them from doing their job or leaving the rehearsal hall in a safe state. 

  • Lead somatic warm ups and cool downs 

  • Provide Mental Health First Response: trained in de-escalating trauma responses, anxiety attacks etc.

  • Offer Embodiment Coaching Sessions for individual actors or teammates on their own time to help process heavier material or set intentions if feeling burnt 

  • Guide Embodied Counselling Sessions as a creative tool to work through creative blocks by using the body. Let's find the answer together through embodiment rather than cognitively. 

  • Function as a Mental Health Advocate or Mediator for company or public discussions, roundtables or talkbacks

  • All of the above



I highly recommend working with Meagan! She instantly created a safe, open, and non-hierarchical space where I felt truly free to explore and push myself to my own comfort. Her emphasis on me knowing my body best was very comforting, and I suppose all I can really say is if you can, reach out and have a session with her, it is truly incredible. Also Meagan is just such a wonderful person! Absolutely recommend, especially to those who haven't found other forms of counselling to be what they're looking for.



Naomi Levy

Meagan is truly amazing! So lovely, compassionate, and thoughtful. Our sessions have been so helpful to me in my journey of getting in touch with myself and my body, as well as practicing mindfulness and learning to just be. I would recommend her, and embodied counselling in general, to everyone!