As an acting coach and educator I value creative curiosity, a sense of play and a willingness to engage with the work from a place of authenticity and agency. 

Working with techniques like Image-Based guided improvisations and meditations, basic script analysis, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Laban, Biomechanics and Clown, together we build the fictional world of the character(s). 

We breathe and remain present.

  • Help prepare for school or general auditions

  • Coach performers for productions

  • Lead specialized movement workshops

  • Facilitate ensemble building workshops

  • Guide and Instruct performance creation workshops

  • Develop Monologue or scene study workshops

For acting inquiries, please contact Andi State at Encore Entertainment 



I am so thrilled to have taken this very enriching workshop! I will be entering collaborative workspaces with more sensitivity towards others and awareness of myself and the presence I hold. It has allowed me to feel confident in attending to my needs in order to better attend to those of others around me, through concepts of listening and building trust ( among others). Highly recommend for anyone in the collaborative arts!


Meagan offered me an opportunity to explore my own needs and my own embodied experience in a way that enabled me to learn more about what I can offer others in my teaching while still prioritizing the self.

Meagan's kind and supportive energy made the uncomfortable parts of embodied learning feel secure.

Meagan is able to create an ensemble feeling out of strangers in a way that made this workshop a beautiful learning experience, and an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with other artists and teachers!